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Hopeless (CNH)

is volunteer-powered, like-minded people with Chronic Conditions.

Looking for help?

Here’s a few suggestions! There are so many more, keep looking, keep asking and if you have suggestions, please contact: so we an add them here…

Arthritis Society (Fibromyalgia is under their umbrella). In-person stuff is cool, but until then, online classes include, but not limited to: Spine, Knees, Hands, Feet, Hips, Fibromyalgia, Eating Well, Sleep, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome/Hypermobility Spectrum Disorder, Spondyloarthritis, Mindful Meditation, etc.



South West Self-Management Program

Canadian Pain Society

Women with Fibromyalgia

Lambeth Lions (as well as other Lions Clubs and other Clubs, there to help)

And so many more…we’re all in this together. Contact us at: for more info, with questions, comments, suggestions, and/or to join us for free online activities.

Chronic Not Hopeless

Weekly Chats Mondays 11am ET (Tuesdays after a holiday)

Empower Yourself Talks

Show Me The Money Talks (how to save money/living well with Chronic Conditions)

Bi-weekly Gentle Chair Yoga for Chronic Conditions Thursdays 1pm ET

Bi-weekly Craft’n’Chat Thursdays 11am ET

Ways to Connect:

(also the email for etransfer donations,

big or small, we love and appreciate them all)…