Chronic Not Hopeless “Bylaws” (Enforceable only by you! Be Kind)

  1. Be Kind. Be Respectful.
  2. Have fun. Laughter is healing.
  3. Be discreet with information shared by others.
  4. Remember, “agree to disagree”.
  5. Share or don’t share. Camera on or off. Leave when you wish without need of explanations – we understand. Be comfortable.
  6. Be present. Be pleasant.
  7. Be aware of “hot button” topics, including but not limited to: politics, race, religion, The Great Pumpkin, etc.
  8. Keep in mind, “Chronic Not Hopeless” is “powered” by volunteers with Chronic Conditions,. We will make mistakes. We will forget things. Our entire life is a Mount Everest-style learning curve. We hope that even at our worst we always try to give you our best.
  9. Feel free to contribute to “Chronic Not Hopeless” in any way you feel comfortable doing so. That could mean: sharing Facebook posts, website pages or blog posts, Retweeting on Twitter, Pinning on Pinterest, etc. And/or donating via Ko-fi, Paypal, e-transfer, cash, etc., to pay for expenses CNH incurs such as Zoom Pro so we can have online activities, the cost of the website. admin costs, etc. This is purely not-for-profit, run by chronically ill volunteers, grassroots community get together – we’re an open book(s). And/or writing blog posts, helping with social media, contributing in any way your skills, energy, and heart can do. It could mean telling family, friends, professionals, co-workers, – well, anyone and everyone about “Chronic Not Hopeless – any and all help is greatly appreciated.
  10. “Chronic Not Hopeless” is here for fun, for connecting, for helping – a drama-free zone. We gratefully accept and appreciate any donations – big or small, we love them all! We’re not hopeless. We’re not helpless. We’re still us.

Chronic Suckage

There are way too many Chronic Conditions to list. No one asked for them. They are literally the “gift” that keeps on giving…giving you exhaustion, pain, social issues, financial issues, surgeries, meds, modifications, adaptations, basically, it’s Chronic Suckage. This group was started to bring people with various chronic conditions into each other figurative bubbles – we can’t be physically together, but we’re all over the place and we’d do better, together. In this case, on Zoom, on Facebook……

Twitter @NotJustChronic ,

This website https://chronicnothopeless

People do better when we see each other as we are, not as the media, social media, others see or project we are. Understanding each other helps us understand ourselves. Join us on Weekly Zoom Mondays at 1pm ET (email: to register, we’ll keep sending you links until you say, “enough already” lol), where we’ll chat, laugh, distract ourselves, share resources, tips, tricks, life hacks, etc. We’ll talk TV, streaming, movies, books, ebooks, audiobooks, gardening, lifestyle, crafts, pets, family, how to save money, podcasts, well, anything and everything.

You can stay in your pajamas, drink some coffee, tea, juice, water, wine, whatever; you can eat, you can be off camera or on, share your stories or not, show off your pets (we love pet therapy, Zoom-style). We’re going to get together. We’re going to connect. We get it. Join us. It’s free though we’re run by volunteers so we gratefully accept donations big or small, we love them all.